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Feng Shui teacher and author Deborah Redfern offers a heartfelt and dynamic learning experience, combining the ancient principles of traditional feng shui with life-style coaching techniques to create effective and magical changes in your life. Deborah considers home as a sacred space and an expression of human individuality. Changes you make in your home reflect changes in your personal life, and as you make changes in your inner life you’ll get insights about how your home supports you. Working with both your environment and life coaching gives you clarity.
Deborah has taken ‘dusty’ ideas from traditional feng shui and seamlessly made them sparkle, and appropriate for contemporary life. She has a unique way of presenting this material so that change seems simple, ideas seem fresh, and on top of that, everything seems so do-able. ~ Stratton Semmes.
Balance, Open, Release and Shift Energy with Feng Shui Soulutions
“Your E-Course is amazing Deborah! It is very thorough, insightful and full of useful exercises. Your links to Suggested Resources are very well thought out and complement each lesson. I’m looking at my environment and self totally differently.” Karen Jarldane, Colorado.
Feng Shui Soulutions - Deborah Redfern
“I found the daily lessons made me think of feng shui in ways I hadn’t considered. Very different from books I’ve read on the subject or other classes I have taken. I enjoyed the exercises and loved the recommended resources each lesson. I would have signed up for weekly or biweekly delivery if I had realized how much was included in each lesson to think about, absorb, and put into practice in my life. So I am accumulating my emails and slowly doing the lessons. I can also see value in going back and doing them again once I finish all 30 as I continue to change.” ~ Suzanne R., Oregon
Feng Shui Soulutions Deborah Redfern
“I am truly amazed at the layers and depth of this course from the basics of feng shui…to applying them at a heart and soul level…and even a personal expression of feng shui. Even the format is easy to use.” ~ Eileen Kelz, Wisconsin.

Healing with Feng Shui and Color

Color Your World with Intention!
“I recommend Deborah’s online color course. Deborah is one of the best teachers I’ve come across. She infuses everything she teaches with magic.” ~ Denise Linn, Paso Robles, California
The de-cluttering was magical for making changes in my life because everything has energy. I thought de-cluttering looked good and felt good, but it also helped me get out of a rut when I had difficulty moving forward. It also helped me heal relationships of all kinds. Deborah’s course is very enlightening and easy to understand. ~ Yvette F.
Feng Shui Studies, Clutter
“Deborah Redfern’s online course about Feng Shui and color has many ways for us to experiment with color in the different aspects of life. I have been amazed at what I have discovered about myself and color what I wasn’t aware of before. During one of the meditations I got the message to sleep on gold sheets (so I did). But I was recently guided to move on to purple sheets! There was nothing about sheets in the lesson, but the real point is that I am now often surrounded by golden light. I can ask for golden healing light whenever I feel the need of it, and it is like being held by Archangel Michael, Gabriel and Mother Mary. It feels like Heaven. I highly recommend this course even if you practice Feng Shui already. It is packed with information, but the exercises are what brought me the most insight. It is also a lot of fun. Thank you, Debbie, for this wonderful experience.” ~ Liz Rowell of Rhode Island
Feng Shui Studies

“I want to express my gratitude to Deborah Redfern for the magnificent Healing with Feng Shui and Colour course shared with a friend (yes, Self Healing Expressions offers a two-for-one-course!). I started reading the course with an enthusiasm which grew daily as I was reminded of Feng Shui already learnt but Deborah has a unique way of introducing new aspects of healing. I loved the daily quotes and the different websites offered to explore if interested. You feel the generosity of information flowing through Deborah as her knowledge seems inexhaustible!” ~ Carole Schneider.

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Be Your Own Expert

An expert can give you information but only you can give that information meaning.

That is why, in my 15 years of experience working with feng shui, I have emphasized doing the inner work and examining the way you’ve set up your home and what it tells you.

You are the expert of your life! You take the time to create an inviting environment in your home for the feeling it gives you.

My courses will help you take the next step – to truly understand how your home supports your path in life. Your surroundings and the belongings you put into them are there to serve, and it all comes back to what you want to create. Together we can get some clarity on that!


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